Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why would you wait 50 years?

During a recent episode of Greys Anatomy, an old couple was in the hospital (where else) because the man had had a heart attack before they left for a cruise to Alaska. Everything was typical for an episode of Greys Anatomy until the man mentioned to the woman that she had been waiting 50 years to take this trip to Alaska.

My question is why would you wait 50 years to take what you consider the trip of your lifetime? Why would you wait to do something so simple as take a trip anywhere? The world we live on is getting smaller everyday, it has never been cheaper to travel anywhere, much less to somewhere as close to Seattle as Alaska.

What are you doing during the rest of your life that is so important that you cannot take a few weeks or months and go see the things you want to see?

This attitude that one day you will become the sort of adventurous person you wish you were at some point late in your life is something I encounter constantly. Guess what - if you don't start now you probably won't ever start, and there is no guarantee for how long you have in this life before you lose all your chances and it all ends.

What is it that separates those who will journey the world and those who won't? Why are those who won't so jealous?

I am constantly meeting people who I start to speak to and they will express amazement at the number of countries I have been to or lived in. Invariably whoever is expressing this amazement has seldom left their hometown and is waiting until some time later in life when they dream they will become a world traveler and do all of the things they have declined to do for the majority of life.

If you don't do it now, what makes you think you ever will?

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  1. Hell yes. It's that "bucket list" mentality that keeps people writing things down to do before they die... but death as a deadline isn't particularly motivating since we all consider ourselves invincible until we actually kick it. And well, then its too late. If you have a desire to travel, you just have to do it!

    Just found your blog off the newbie travel bloggers group and I'm really enjoying it! keep up the good work!

  2. Britany - yeah I think I have a fundamental disconect with most people ;) I'm not a nihilist at all, but I do want to do whatever I can before I die. There have been very few things I wanted to do that I put off for more than a year or two - although I have been in Prague a bit too long...