Monday, March 5, 2012

Strange Babies in Kampa Park Prague

I should learn to schedule my appointments better, and not leave myself with the choice of going home for a few moments. It did leave me with an hour or two to kill walking around Prague, which I spent experimenting more with filters on the phone, taking creepy pictures of giant crawling  babies.
These are the same statues of crawling children you can see on the Zizkov TV tower, the only difference being that these are staring right at me and crawling on the ground. What you can't see on the TV tower is the creepy non-face, and my over use of filters makes it unrecognizable in these pictures - you can see it better here. The effect is a baby head with the impression of a hammer smashed into the face.
I really have no idea what David Cerny was attempting to convey with these pictures, unless he happens to really hate children, but I've always enjoyed the whimsical nature they give the TV tower.


  1. I think the ridges are supposed to resemble the metro shafts in prague (similar to this, but you will now know what I mean:

    So these are Metro Kids ?

  2. That doesn't really make it anymore clear :) Why would statues of babies climbing on a tv tower need ridges from the metro?!!?